Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lag B'Omer Mini-Meme

JewishProfessional tagged me with my first meme ever! Fortunately, since I am currently functioning on a big lack of sleep, there is only one question to answer: What was the first song I listened to on Lag B'Omer?

I hate admit it, but Lag B'Omer was such a busy day, that between the craziness and the tons of tasks that needed to be completed that ranged from an emergency cleaning of the bathtub to the irregular tasks that needed completed that day, I didn't realize until this meme started floating around that I had forgot to do what I had been looking forward to doing for weeks: playing piano, specifically Mozart and possibly some Beethoven or Bach.

Since Lag B'Omer was spent driving around from one task to another, I did have the chance to listen to the radio, but I couldn't find anything good on, so and I ended up listening to Talk Radio for yet another day.

What ever happened to that oldies station on my radio?

I now tag Jewboy, AlanLaz, and Esther.


Jewboy said...

I don't know how these things work. Do I post on my blog and answer the question about what song I listened to first?

Orthonomics said...

This is my first time, but I think you "tag" your readers and they put up there "meme" on their own blog.

Looking forward to seeing yours.

Anonymous said...

Country music.

I listened to "song of the south" by Alabama.

cool yiddishe mama said...

I got the new Matisyahu CD from the library and saved it for Lag Ba'omer. Some of the songs were terrific, the others...kakhah-kakhah.

Yisroel Reiss said...

Sorry to be out of the loop on this stuff, but what is this tagging stuff and meme stuff?

Orthonomics said...

I'm just learning the ropes here on the J-blogosphere. Basically, someone starts a thing and passes it to their "friends" in the J-blogosphere to answer and they do so in turn.