Friday, October 06, 2006

Interesting Halacha for Sephardi Ladies:
Beracha Leshev BaSukkah

Here is a link to an interesting halacha regarding Sephardi Ladies and answering Amen to the beracha leshev basukkah which follows boreh pri hagefen and can cause a hefsek for those who are not obligated in this particular beracha.

While the Rav recommends explaining this halacha to your wife slowly, so they may understand, I just finished explaining it to my husband and it seems logical to me. But, maybe when a man comes to me in shul begging me to to take his lulav and etrog into the sukkah to make a beracha lest I miss out on such an important mitvzah (happens every year), I will slowly explain to him that not only do Sephardi women NOT say a beracha on lulav and etrog (fairly common knowledge, I assume), but we also do not answer Amen to the beracha of leshev basukkah. . . unless we already made our own kiddush and therefore do not need to hear kiddush and have no issue of making a hefsek.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I didn't know that Sephardi Ladies don't say a bracha on lulav -- thanks for the knowledge-sharing!

Charlie Hall said...

I knew about the difference between the practice of Ashkenazic and Sefardic women regarding saying blessings for "optional mitzvot". However, it was only last week that I learned the principle of "listening is like responding" -- in Sukkah 38b -- that would seem to imply that saying "Amen" isn't strictly necessary, ever (at least after the fact). Any rabbis here able to comment?