Friday, December 22, 2006

Overheard in the Kosher Grocery

Feel free to use this forum to add your own stories of the strangest things you have ever heard in the Kosher Grocery, or any other store geared toward the frum. Here are my top two:

1. Yesterday while waiting in line for my chickens which were being de-skinned in the back, the man in front of me says to the man behind the counter, "I'm here to pick up my Christmas Turkey." I'm glad that kosher stores get non-Jewish business. But, I can't imagine paying kosher prices if I didn't have to.

2. Months ago, I was in another kosher grocery and there were about 5 ladies in kippot. One of them exclaims to her friends, "these prices are soooo low!" Where does she shop regularly?

That's it. After Chanukah, back to our regular programming. Chanukah Sameach and Shabbat Shalom.


mother in israel said...

Maybe he had some kosher guests?
More likely, though, he knows that gourmet magazines recommend kosher poultry in their recipes. If you are unlucky enough not to live in close proximity to a Jewish neighborhood, they advise soaking the poultry in salt water for an hour before cooking. I did not make this up.

Anonymous said...

I was asked to recommend a good kosher wine in the supermarket to a friendly non Jew who had in her basket (I kid you not) -- ham, pork, shrimp, and a few other very treif odds and ends. She was EXCITED to purchase Kedem. I told her if she's not Jewish, she shouldn't buy kosher wine because non kosher wine tastes MUCH better.

Anonymous said...

In my town, while the Kosher Grocery has higher prices for"normal" merchandise (say, Pepperidge Farm cookies) they have lower prices on foods from "Kosher" companies. I presume because they buy in greater volume from the specialty distributor.

Orthonomics said...

MominIsrael-I've seen such advice in cooking magazines. The announcement still struck me at the time.

MikeS-Possible. I guess there is low and lower. I'm always amazed how fast my meat bill runs up.

Maven said...

to anon: have you ever tasted chateneuf? it's a delicious kosher white wine.

sephardilady: you saw 4 ladies wearing yarmulkes in a store? far out! (as a side note i just blogged about a book you might like.)

Orthonomics said...

Maven-Definitely far out! All I can say is, good thing my toddler didn't comment. :) He is very into categories. . . hats are for girls, kippahs are for boys. Pink is for girls, etc.

I'll check your blog.

Charlie Hall said...

A few months ago, someone showed up at my morning minyan, put on a talit and tefillin without anybody noticing, and rushed to the corner of the women's section. Now, this minyan has a very strict policy against men davening in the women's section -- I've personally thrown guys out of there. We almost threw this person out as well until we realized that the person was a woman! We are a liberal MO shul but we almost never see women wearing tefillin.

Anonymous said...

Many people are under the (mis)impression that kosher is cleaner. That may be why he is buying a kosher turkey for his holiday meal. Some nonJews shop at Brachs (the largest kosher supermarket in the area) and their prices are lower than the surrounding supermarkets on some products.Also they offered the advantage of being open on Dec. 25th.