Friday, March 30, 2007

Pesach Notes

Murphy's Law of Pesach must dictate that we will find chametz during our final preparations for the holiday because it is inevitable and happens every time. Even though our preparations this year are relatively easy as we are going to family for the Chag, I still managed to find that chametz while packing for Pesach. Normally when we go out of town, I let my son, who is quite capable, pack his own suitcase. But due to the sheer volume of clothing needed for the chag and then some, I decided to pack everything for everyone.

So what did I find, PlayDoh caked onto the sides and bottom of his tennis shoes which I am told is definitely chametz. So a half hour of scrubbing later with a toothbrush, he has chametz free shoes, and they look new also. But then I remembered that I forgot to throw his jacket that we planned to take along into this week's laundry (6 loads) and I am not heading back to the laundry room. So a big virtual thank you goes out to my great aunt, a"h, who bought him a light jacket right before she passed away. The thank you card I wrote her was returned in the mail shortly before she was niftar and I was planning to bring it to her after Pesach. If a person can continue to assist others in their observance from the grave, this should qualify.

Shabbat Shalom everyone and a Chag Kasher v'Sameach. When I get back I plan to tackle some heavy topics again, so be prepared for discussing tuition (particularly parts of the Jewish Observers Tuition Dilema-yes, apparently educating our children is only a dilemma while shidduchim is a crisis), teaching kids about finance, and more.


Ariella's blog said...

6 loads of laundry is on the light side ;-) I do that in a normal week. While Play do does in fact contian flour, and kids have been wont to eat it, I know someone who argues that it should still not be considered edible chametz that must be eliminated before Pesach. But I admit I have been machmir myself on it.
Anyway, I hope you really get to enjoy your Pesach.

mother in israel said...

My comment got lost again--you made me feel better about the ten loads of laundry I had since Shabbat. Two of the kids brought me piles of laundry that had been neglected in their rooms. Other than that things are under control over here--have a great trip and chag sameach.

I just can't read those funny looking words that Blogger wants me to replicate.

Anonymous said...

for another topic:

חג כשר ושמח

-ari kinsberg

RaggedyMom said...

We have small machines in our apartment (but thank G-d for them!) so I do 5-6 loads a day sometimes!! (Guest linens, a sick kid, etc. put me over that laundry edge!)

I think that every family with small kids has at least 5 Cheerios in the couch at any given time. For me, finding those last chametz bits hiding out is a combination of panic-inducing (where else is it?!) and validating (I knew I'd find something if I went in there one more time!)

Have a wonderful Pesach, SL! Enjoy it, and your family!

Jacob Da Jew said...

Chag Sameach!

I read the article in the Observer. Long on questions, short on answers.

mother in israel said...

Hope everything is okay over at chez orthonomics