Monday, April 28, 2008

The Post-Pesach Cleanup

Before Pesach, many of the homemakers shared their lists for getting ready for the Chag. My post-Pesach list seems to resemble my pre-Pesach list almost to the "t."

-Clean all Pesach utensils, cookware, bakeware, and dishes. Clean up would be easier if the holiday didn't seem to require so much oil. I just don't do too much frying during the year.
-Self-clean oven again because you need it to be diary again.
-Clean the table and the chairs with wood cleaning solution. I would surmise the chairs and table are stickier post-Pesach than pre-Pesach.
-Wipe down the refrigerator. I was afraid that I was going to have to take the entire thing apart, but I avoided that.
-Clean the countertops and stove with a good degreaser.
-Vacuum carpets before you have to get the carpet professionally cleaned.
-Sweep floors. The crumbs before Pesach might have been chametz. But, the post-Pesach crumbs are far bigger and far messier and they went everywhere.
-Run the laundry again and again and put it all away. Post-Pesach laundry is proving to be more daunting than pre-Pesach laundry. Perhaps that it because when something had to go pre-Pesach, it was putting away some of my laundry. Now there is just a lot more.
-Carry Pesach cookware and dishes downstairs and store away for next year.
-Bring up chometz from downstairs freezer and bring down leftover frozen chicken soup. (At least I've got a head start on Rosh Hashana?).
-Pay Bills.
-Make lists of how to prepare for next Pesach. 20/20 only works in hindsight.
-Go grocery shopping. I'm almost there!!! (Perhaps I will even procure some really inexpensive Kasher L'Pesach canned goods).
-Clean the bathrooms.
-Check the Bank Accounts--seriously, weird stuff shows up when you aren't looking

I think the only thing missing from the post-Pesach list is cleaning the cars and mopping the floor. No one brought anything crumbly into the car during chol hamoed, nor did anyone have a major spill during the chag. Perhaps these are two open miracles?!?!


Lion of Zion said...

some people prefer to go away for pesah because it is too much work to clean. it sounds like you need to go on vacation for the other 51 weeks as well

Ariella's blog said...

It's always a laundry marathon after the extended Yom Tovs, and this year there was even a longer time of no laundry with the Shabbos before. I did have to do one load for the younger ones Yom Tov outfits to be clean for the last days.