Monday, September 08, 2008

New Thrifty Blogger on the Block

A poster at Imamother forum started a fantastic new blog, Saving Money Ideas. Every week she goes through different ads, including Walgreens and CVS, and does the hard work for her readers. She tells us what the good sales are and where to find the coupons that can be clipped, should they not be sitting in your coupon file. For more reading on Organizing Shopping, check out my post on the subject.

Most importantly, she has a post on how to use the CVS Extra Bucks system effectively. I see no need to reinvent the wheel, so follow the link.

Another great source for those with cash is Bank Rate is a website that lets you compare different financial products with the click of a button. The website also runs some ads which might lead you to a different product that is worthwhile. I am in the process of moving our Emergency Fund to Everbank, which is offering a money market account (i.e. liquid savings account) with a 4.76% APY for 3 months. Not bad! When the promotion is up, I will head back to find another good account.

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Anonymous said...

She forgot Rite Aid. They have a rebate for $10 off 3 bottles of Listerine.