Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hat Tip: Ezzie

Leah, founder and editor of Yaldah Magazine, of Sharon Mass has initiative, drive, passion, creativity, vision, focus, determination, and other great qualities, qualities I hope my kids will develop. She recently won a $10,000 Well's Fargo Contest and could win the $100,000 prize which would allow her to take her magazine to the next level (without debt, an Orthonomic plus), but she needs your votes. She is currently in 2nd place, just votes behind another worthy candidate from Utah.

Her story is very inspiring and sets a wonderful example for young Jewish boys and girls. I hope you will join me in casting a vote. Spread the word.


Anonymous said...

To clarify, it's "Evelyn from MA" that you're voting for. She's in the contest for her daughter, Leah.

Juggling Frogs said...

Thank you so much, SephardiLady, for spreading the word.

After so many stories about bad kids and bad parenting techniques, Leah's story is all the more inspiring.

She's a real kiddush Hashem. In the contest, her mother, Evelyn, had to enter for her, as she is the only minor (and I think only Jewish person) of the five finalists.

YALDAH is a fantastic magazine that promotes self-esteem and Jewish values.

Rebecca said...
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Anonymous said...

She Won!