Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Yet Another Use for Limited Tzedakah Funds

Link to story on VIN.
What will "they" think of next? Poverty continues to worsen, schools both in Israel and America are collapsing. But, someone is always thinking of a new way to (drum roll please) SPEND MONEY.

A seminary in Israel plans to give students who agree not to wear makeup at their own wedding 1000 NIS (approx $265) in the form of a scholarship. The article is poorly written, so it is hard to tell if the girls sign up when engaged or when in school. If the latter, the opportunity to take money and not follow through is ripe.

Apparently the seminary isn't too pleased that after all of the education, the "girls" aren't making the choices that the school would like: (quote) "before their wedding the girls are exempted from the school's strict rules, leading many brides to put on heavy makeup."

The school can't judge the response yet because not enough "girls" have married yet. Thankfully, I don't see many girls, even from the most stringent homes, signing on the dotted line.

Also, when does the prohibition of adding to the Torah get violated? Clearly the minhag has always been for Jewish women to adorn themselves on their wedding day.

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Ariella's blog said...

You're right, SL. Actually the number of bridal adornments that were traditionally worn are supposed to correspond to the number of books of TaNaCH. So long as the makeup is done in good taste, it should be no more a breach of tznius than the gown and other finery. And even a young woman who looks perfectly fine without makeup could use some enhancement for the photos.

Ateres said...

I was also quite shocked when I read the article. the gemara clearly apporves of women wearing makeup at a chasuna.

However, given that the article was published by YNET which isn't exactly known for its pro-chareidi viewpoint, I wonder if the school is actually opposed to any and all makeup or just to heavy makeup, certain types of makeup (such as eye shadow) which is objectionable in certain communities, and/or getting makeup done by a professional.

Anonymous said...

"Also, when does the prohibition of adding to the Torah get violated?"

Answer: always.

Mike S. said...

"Also, when does the prohibition of adding to the Torah get violated?"

In a technical sense when a mitzvah is done with additions (like 5 minim on Sukkot, or 5 parshiot in T'fillin) or when the Beit Din makes a G'zairah and tries to pass it off as a D'Oraita. The two types corresponding to the two mentions of the prohibition in Parshiot V'etchanan and Re'eh.

The question of how the school is bribing girls in a way that is against the viewws of Chazal is another matter.

ProfK said...

There's a Yiddish saying that applies here: "Menner turren nisht arein mischen in veiberische zachen." Men aren't allowed to mix into women's business.

Our writings clearly support that women should be "adorned" on their wedding days, makeup included. In Megillas Esther we are told that it took a full year from the time a woman entered the House of Women until she was presented to the King because she spent that time "annointing herself in the custom of women." Men don't always like the results of the makeup? That's up to an individual husband/wife pair to work out. Everyone else should put their eyes somewhere else and keep their mouths shut.

This school is only encouraging aveiros rather than tsnius and righteousness. Is there anyone out there so naive that they believe there are not going to be girls who gladly take the gift of the 1000 shekels to pay for school but who will get made up for their weddings anyway?! So what will the school do then? Sue them? Put them in cherem? You reap what you sow. This school is sowing a poisoned crop.

Anonymous said...

This is taking a sledgehammer to a miner problem and throwing money at it too boot. If the problem is that some girls are wearing makeup that is too heavy or not tasteful, show the girls the proper use of makeup and that a light hand is much more effective and that its important to check the makeup in proper lighting, not a poorly-lit bathroom. Wouldn't that be more effective than saying no more makeup and paying bribes?

jewpublic club said...

How abut staying in classroom after seminary years are over, hey that's an extra contest for extracurricular piousness.
P.S. Do you really get too many nutcases commenting to set up moderator?

Orthonomics said...

I don't think I understand. I don't have a moderator here. Comments go up, although I do occassionally erase.

And I can't recall any recent nutcases, although once a Boro Parker wished rape on me.

Ariella's blog said...

Now that's scary, SL!