Thursday, December 09, 2010

PSA: Seminar, The Jewish Family's Approach to Money

This is a Public Service Annoucement (that I did not put up in a timely manner). One of my readers alerted me to a course being given by a Rabbi Fishel Mael, Phd through Mesila in Baltimore. The course is advertised as "a practical course for couples under 30."

The course will be given Sunday evening, December 12, 2010 at 7:30PM. It is slated to run 2.5 hours and RSVP should be given to The location of the course is at Bais Haknesses Ohr HaChaim on Clarks Lane.

As always, I welome guest posts and I especially like guest posts from seminars. If a Baltimore reader is attending, please do write to me at orthonomics at gmail dot com.

My apologies that my blog is in a rut. I have a lot that I'd like to post and no real energy at the moment. But, energy always seems to return.


Avi Greengart said...
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Orthonomics said...

Oops. Corrected.

rosie said...

a few days ago, I shared the link to the you-tube of the couple who went to people's court to sue for a ruined wig. I at first believed that it was possible fraud or perjury on their part. Apparently, they were telling the truth and the judge got the wrong information from the wig seller.
There might now be a lawsuit against People's court. The couple went on TV so that if the laundramat owners lost, the station would cover the loss rather than to come from the owners.

Dave said...

Frankly, Rabbi Hoffman's defense is as convincing (at least to me) as Kosher Bacon.

But, even if we take their latest version of events as the absolute truth -- they still attempted to defraud the laundromat (and the court).

Their latest version has them getting a replacement wig from Georgie for $1500.

When someone damages or destroys something of yours, they are not liable for what you paid for it, they are liable for the replacement cost or fair market value.

The replacement costs, therefore, would have been $1500. But they didn't submit that information (or even disclose that they had replaced the wig) to the court.

So if I am as charitable as can be, they are still (by their own account) guilty of attempted fraud, and of attempting to deceive the court.

Dave said...

Oh, and they have no chance of a lawsuit -- they signed away any chance of that when they accepted being on the show/arbitration.