Sunday, March 27, 2011

Resources: Great Pesach List and Past Pesach Money Saving Tips

This is a helpful Pesach list showing what products need special Pesach certification and which don't. What makes it really great? Two columns, Ashkenazic and Sephardic (starting on p. 11). What else is great? Kashering methods starting on p. 18, also divided by A and S.

The tip to know your products is mentioned in nearly every Pesach on a Budget guide. Now that I have reorganized my pantry, I'm doing two things: 1. Pulling out canned goods that are taking up space and forcing their use and 2. Pulling out products I can use for Pesach and washing them off so I'm certain they are clean for Pesach.

Here are all the Pesach on a Budget posts from Orthonomics.

And some cultural commentary with an economic component:

From Free Man to Slave: Avadim Hayin L'Mastercard B'Americ


Ariella's blog said...

I'm putting up a link to your links. BTW what kitniyot products are certified kosher l'Pesach in the US? Or are you limited to plain, unprocessed things like raw corn, beans, etc.? Israel carries quite a lot, but the only thing I recall seeing in the US is Bamba. Of course, for me, it is purely academic.

Orthonomics said...

I don't know of any domestic products that are certified KLP. There are imported products that one can find in Brooklyn groceries, e.g. And that is the beauty of this list for those that eat kitniyot or Ashkenazim that need a product for health reasons.

Laya said...

Two tips:
1)buy after Pesach and save for next year. I do this with canned and bottled stuff. I also save some spices and things

2)share! I use a whole container of some spices, but many others I only need a little. Split with a neighbour!

3)wait until after the first two days. Many items go on sale. Many more you decide you can live without for five more days.

Brent Oneal said...

This is a great postt thanks