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Monday, March 13, 2006

Is it just me?

Or are ay other Jewish mothers packing up their mishloach manot after the megillah reading because they have just haven't got it all together???

I can't complain since my schedule has been jammed packed with things I want to be doing, but this week's schedule and last week's schedule have thrown my timeliness for a loop. Shabbat was a rush to the finish (both meals were fantastic, however) and somehow I almost forgot about making mishloach manot completely until my husband asked me what the plan was. All I could say was "oops, I'll add some more things to the already huge grocery list."

Despite my husband's encouragement to just to the minimum (2 packages), it just doesn't seem like Purim baking and making packages for all of our nearest neighbors. Fortunately, in my world, a few candies and some baked goods thrown in a bag passes for package. So, unlike my buddy Orthomom, nobody will be delivering an all blue box (packed with care by their Nanny), complete with a bottle of Vodka. I'd hate to reciprocate that type of gift with a few yummy cookies and some candies, packed with love by the SephardiFamily, in a (drum roll please) plastic zip lock bag.

Purim Sameach Friends. I've gotta run. The last batch should be coming out just about now.


Ezzie said...

I just did the shopping after megillah; Serach is putting it in brown paper bags as we speak. Total cost of each bag, including the bag: About $1 - and that's because our grocery charges an arm and a leg for Fruit RollUps.

Chag Sameach!! :)

themarykaygal said...

We did ziploc bags too --- and keeping it simple--- 4 items (orange, can of coke, thing of tea biscuits, and of course a Mary Kay hand cream) each in a ziploc bag, we were able to do almost 50 of them. whoo! We were still delivering AFTER the Purim seudah! At the grocery store they were laughing at me buying 48 packages of tea biscuits, and I wonder what Mary Kay thought of my recent wholesale order for 50 hand creams. :)

SephardiLady said...

Hey Ezzie--You must shop at Wasserman's where everything costs a fortune. Good for you that you kept the cost reasonable. This year we were probably too reasonable since I feel so far behind.

MaryKayGal--Here's wishing I had room to store 48 packages of anything anywhere. ;)