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Friday, June 16, 2006

Financial Blog Roundup, June 16, 2006:

Hello readers, I have plenty of posts planned including one important one on pending legislation on protecting the children of private schools in New York. I'm not a New Yorker, but I imagine that many of my readers are and I will have the information up soon, as it is very important.

Well, in other news, Harry Maryles has been covering "Orthonomics" this week with great zeal and vigor. Since my postings have been few and far between, it is nice someone else is getting the work done! All I can say is Chazak u'Varuch. The subjects of the posts are:
*Extortion (a takeoff on my post on Coveting),
*Wedding Takanos: Living within One’s Means (where we take a different approach to a subject, but agree that social pressure is the underlying issue),
*Lavish Bar Mitzvahs.

JH of Jewish Community Professionals has a post up on the Ten Laws of Fundraising. Considering the fact that so many of us end up involved in community fundraising at one time or another, this is a good read for all, not just the professionals.

Gil Student covers a piece in the Prospect Park newsletter on the costs of running a school and Yeshiva Tuition. For those of you paying "only" $6000 in tuition don't realize just how lucky you are, although even $6000 can be a lot to cover without a doubt.

Ariella of Kallah Magazine is "Segula Central" this week and covered a lot of practices that people like myself like to ask, what source, if any allows for this practice? So, if you are interested in the proliferation of Segulot in Orthodox society, this is the blog to visit.

By the way, Ariella sent me a copy of the most recent Kallah Magazine since she used pieces of this post in her article. The magazine is quite nice and has a lot of different articles and Divrei Torah of interest. Goodluck to her in her publishing enterprise.

Shabbat Shalom to everyone, and more posts to come.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the props!

Ariella said...

The summer issue of Kallah Magazine has the invaluable insight of Sephardi Lady herself. She graciously extended her permission to reprint [Should we still say REprint if its previous incarnation was online?] a portion of her piece in response to segulas for shidduchim in which she presents some of her frustrations in attempting to bring people together. It's definitely worth reading!