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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So Much to Write About, So Little Motivation to Do So

I have a feeling the three weeks is going to be a slow period of time, for blogging that is. Not only do I not want to engage in too much machlochet (although at this blog my rule of thumb is to try to be respectful with a light touch), I am just too distracted to sit still and actually type.

Fortunately, the three weeks is proving to be a very productive period of time, at least in terms of housework. It seems that I have been super productive in starting and completing larger organizing and cleaning projects as I nervously go about the days catching what bits and pieces of news I can catch on the War between Israel and the surrounding enemy.

So, I hope to be back soon following the three weeks with a posts about the debate in the newest Jewish Action regarding non-negotiable minimum tuitions for day schools and yeshivot, a post on the cost of raising an average size frum family (based on a letter in the Yated), a post on establishing a budget, and some more posts on shidduchim and marriage topics.

In the meantime, what organizations are other bloggers and commentors donating to in order to help the wartime effort in Israel? Suggestions are welcome.



Check it out !

You'll be glad you did !

proudmommy0f4 said...

The first organizations that come to mind are Zaka and Mogen David Edom