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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shanah Tovah Everyone

I want to take the time to wish my friends and my readers a l'shanah tovah. I hope that you will all have a sweet year with beracha, hatzlacha, and mazal. A special note to my friends, please forgive me now if I don't get a chance to call you tomorrow.

I am absolutely exhausted (mentally and physically) from a long week filled with one surprise after another, and I am just trying to make it through the old year and into the new year on two feet.

I am also a bit worried that there will be nothing to eat except the challot that I baked, a leftover soup, and a few canned goods that I purchased for the simanim, due to my physical exhaustion. On the positive front, I can report that this chag is not costing us an arm and a leg due to some smart shopping on my part.

Currently, I am sitting down right now to try to gain back a bit of physical strength so that I can actually start and finish the cooking. I am enjoying a rare moment of complete silence in my house and it is really something special.

Shanah Tovah and have a meaningful chag. As my toddler was yelling throughout the grocery store today, indiscriminately. . . Chag Sameach!


aishel said...

Shana Tova!

Esther said...

Shana Tova SephardiLady. let's talk next week.

SR said...

Shana Tova.

On the $$ front, it is also cheaper this year because you kill two birds with ones stone with two yom tov meals overlapping 2 shabbat meals.

jdub said...

shana tova. May you and all of k'lal yisrael be blessed with a shana tova, a shanat shalom u'bracha.