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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rabbi Horowitz Responds:
Keeping Our Children Safe

A week ago, I composed and sent a letter to Rabbi Horowitz, looking for information on the problem of sexual abuse in our communities, as well as information on how to approach the subject with our children. And, Rabbi Horowitz responded! So let it be known that "I started this Forest Fire."

Rabbi Horowitz responded this week in his Parenting Column with an article entitled "Keeping Our Children Safe: Part I." The response is lengthy, so I encourage you to read the response via the link. In brief, Rabbi Horowitz acknowledges the issue (and reminds us that "school faculty members commit only a tiny fraction of the abuse perpetrated on victims. Abusers are far more likely to be older kids in the neighborhood, family friends, neighbors, peers, extended or even close family members") , recognizes its importance of the issue, points out that the longer we let the problem fester the more problematic it becomes. He points out that abuse and neglect are the number one risk factors for children abandoning observance. He also writes " I assure you that things will not improve until we gather the energy and courage to change the culture of denial and stop the destructive habit of hoping that problems will self-correct and go away."

Please read the first part of the response and join me in wishing Rabbi and Mrs. Horowitz a Mazal Tov on their daughters impending chatunah.

In addition, I want to point out some information that Dr. Nachum Klafter presented in the comments of my letter here, as well as additional information on the subject here.

More posts on financial issues and Orthonomic issues to follow after Chanukah.

And a Chanukah Sameach. Also, HaSephardi was kind enough to post another Sephardi receipe for Pan D’Espanha. This is not in my regular lineup, but I'm looking forward to trying it sometime. Thank you.


mother in israel said...

Good for you for getting this started.

RaggedyMom said...

I agree, it's great that you raised the issue and that it's being addressed in a clear, decisive way. Kol Hakavod and enjoy the rest of Chanukah!

Neil Harris said...

Great job! Kol Hakavod!!