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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Orthodox Union Workshop: Credit Meltdown & Practical Solutions

Hat Tip: Mom in Israel

I've placed this workshop on my calendar. Hope you will join me and we can follow up with a discussion to the topics that will be discussed which include:

• The 10 warning signs to too much debt • Solutions to debt problems • Implementing and sticking with a realistic home budget • Credit card debt, accounts in collection, lawsuits and judgments- Practical answers and reality check • credit restoration; student loans • Bankruptcy and its meaning • Implementing and sticking with a realistic budget

I can only wonder what approaches will be taken. I guess I will have to just be patient.


Baruch said...

What a joke

There are three major economic problems facing the orthodox jewsih community and you can budget from today until tomorrow and nothing will help

The problems are

1) Yeshiva Tuition
2) Yeshiva Tuition
3) Yeshiva Tuition

Esther said...

In the rest of society, someone making $50,00 (or less in my family's case) doesn't go to private school. It's just that simple - private school is something that people who are wealthy pay for, or a small number of students are able to receive a scholarship. Having the majority of a private school population unable to pay the tuition is just not based in reality. you are absolutely right that there is just no way the school can cover that without a base of tuition-paying students.