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Monday, February 15, 2010

Kashrus Magazine

I received an apology for using the comments of my commentors from a previous post re: chalav yisrael. The apology was very gracious and I apologize for not pulling the post down earlier this week as I was occupied with a number of projects. As such, I have pulled that post letting it go into the dustbin that is cyberspace. The orignal post regarding food preservation remains in the archives as it meets the criteria I have for this blog which is to discuss issues of personal finance, economic issues pertaining the the community at large, and auxilary issues that interest me (marriage, family, and parenting).


Michaela said...

I trust you that you have made the right decision. But it seems to me that Kashrus magazine really did something terrible by publishing the comments from your blog. You do not need to apologize for waiting a few days to take down the post.

Orthonomics said...

The magazine was given the comments without full information as to their source. I'm happy to let by gones be by gones and hopefully this is a learning experience for all involved.

Miami Al said...

Right. Interesting that nobody there editing the magazine had access to (or thought to use) a search engine to type in a few words from the discussion to find the online discussion, yes printed the discussion without attribution, for all they know the whole thing was made up. Very sloppy editorial process.

There isn't any constructive purpose to maintaining the archive of the discussion here, and it is nice of you to accept their apology, but it would be nice if they would include a public retraction after slamming people here by user name.

I think you're doing a wonderful thing by retracting the discussion and posting this message, it would be nice if the editors there would reciprocate.

Orthonomics said...

Miami Al-There will be a printed retraction.