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Friday, June 11, 2010

75 Years Teaching in Yeshiva, Wow!

There is a story and video posted on VIN about a 93 year old math and calculus teacher in Baltimore who has been teaching for 75 years including 51 years at Ner Israel. One of the issues I've noted in Yeshivas is the retention of general studies staff. This teacher, the Cal Ripken Jr. of Yeshiva educators, likely has a lot of wisdom to share. He appears to be very modest, not seeking attention. I hope that he is sought out to address conventions and teacher in-services.

In the past I've mentioned that I don't believe that teacher retention is directly related to pay, but that a number of factors play in. Something to think about when reading about a teacher who has worked at the same job for 75 years straight.

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efrex said...

Remarkable. I had the zechut to be taught English by the late Pearl Mayefsky Z"L, who, IIRC, had been teaching for nearly 6 decades by the time I was in her class. An 80+ year old woman who controled an oversize class of 11th-grade boys with an iron fist (and routine threats of physical violence), she was (and is) one of my inspirations.

In my experience, retention is almost certainly not related to pay - the long-time teachers that I recall were people with a powerful dedication to their subject and general community. Interestingly, only one of the long-time secular teachers that I had in Yeshiva was a member of the associated orthodox community, yet they continued to donate their talents.