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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Free Download and Kosher

A reader pointed out a get out of debt book that can be downloaded for free today only, Debt Free for Life by David Bach. There is a nice 10 point summary that meets my approval. So, if you think that this download could be of use for you or someone you know, take advantage of the free download at Wallet Pop.

Additionally, I received notification of a new website I was hoping to find coupons for kosher products like cheese and chicken, but alas this site isn't quite what I was expecting. Nonetheless, we all like to have a little fun in life. So, if you are looking for deals on "extras" like eating out, gym memberships, and dry cleaning, you might want to check out the site.

So far Kosher Kouponz only serves the New York and Northern Jersey regions.


Ezzie said...

KosherKouponz is a takeoff on GroupOn (also a great site). I hope it's successful, as GroupOn usually benefits both consumers and owners. It is possible for consumers to end up buying items they don't need with sites like these, but I've found with GroupOn at least that I haven't even read the deal in full unless it was a great deal on something we were really interested in.

Downloading the book now, thanks! :)

Mara ~ Kosher on a Budget said...

Ditto Ezzie on the new deal a day site. Also jdeal is the same concept.

As for kosher coupons - I was thrilled to find them on A&B gefilte fish *and* an assortment of Osem products, which I recently posted on Kosher on a Budget. Wouldn't it be great if we could get Qs for Empire Chicken or Solomon's ground beef? A girl can dream...