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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Some Good News About the Pesky 1099 Requirement

Hat Tip: A reader, thanks!

The 1099 Requirement hidden in the Health Care bill has been repealed by the Senate in an overwhelming vote. Let's hope that the other House does the same. After processing 1099s for clients, I'm hopeful that implementing a 1099 plan will be one task I can cross off my list of stuff to do. It isn't the printing that is the problem. Gathering the info on contractors alone can be difficult when organization is not perfect. And, I don't know too many small businesses with superb record keeping. I can't imagine gathering information on vendors. Let's hope that small businesses can breathe a sigh of relief soon.

Thank you for my readers who are sending me stories at a rapid speed. My apologies that I'm falling behind. I have not ignored any emails and I hope to get to each and every recent email. There are some great post topics there. Thank you.


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Orthonomics said...

Elizabethe, I will get back to you shortly.