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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guest Poster at KOAB

I'm a featured guest poster on KOAB. Check out my post Summer Meal Prep o the Fly and share your own quick and frugal meal tips that keep pizza at bay.


Shoshana Z. said...

Great ideas! I took notes. :)

Avi said...

Nice. You're making me hungry. Quick question: do you find that shopping with coupons at CVS is cheaper than buying in bulk at Costco?

Orthonomics said...

Absolutely. I don't really frequent Costco, but I don't believe you can get free toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, or Makeup at Costco. I also get ExtraCare Bucks for filling prescriptions and using my Green Tag when I bring my own bag.

I can't really compare things like Klennex or toilet paper because I'm not sure of the prices at Costco. I buy these items when it is spend $25 get $10 Extra Bucks. Combined with coupons on the products, the items are very inexpensive and I don't have to drive more than a mile.

If you have a kid in diapers, I often can use a CVS $x off baby product coupon + a manufacturer coupon.

When you are a frequent CVS shopper, you get a lot of bonus coupons printed on your receipts or from the coupon machine.

Orthonomics said...

P.S. I like Costco for a certain few products and a neighbor that I help out a lot tends to pick up my olive oil for me.

The other products I find to be tremendous bargains at Costco are yeast and vanilla. Costco can be a dangerous place to shop because they have so many great deals on things I really don't need.

Miami Al said...

I like Wal-mart for Baby Stuff. The prices are within 1% of Costco, and you never wander around tempted to get stuff. OTOH, Costco is filled with great products, much more temptation.

I've never figured out the CVS "system" -- so we still to Big Box Stores,, and the Warehouses.

tdr said...

"you never wander around tempted to get stuff"

at Walmart??!! Miami Al, you have an iron will.

re: yeast -- you can buy a full year's supply of yeast at any of the big box stores for < $4.00. An unbelievable savings over buying yeast at the store.

A friend recently told me she makes her own vanilla. It had never occured to me, but all you have to do is buy vanilla beans cheap on ebay, put one or two in a bottle of vodka. I haven't done it yet, but I imagine it's at least as cheap as buying vanilla at BBS (big box store).

tesyaa said...

Vanilla at Costco is ridiculously cheap. And I'm sure some people would complain that buying vanilla beans on ebay is not kosher enough for them.

Costco is fine if you can do the surgical strike. After shopping there for almost 20 years, I'm rarely tempted by the plethora of products; I have no time to browse, anyway.

tesyaa said...

I've never figured out the CVS "system"

Me neither - I have a Rite Aid rewards card and I get discounts, but I haven't figured out how to use the "rewards". I don't have time, and I'd rather buy my toiletries cheap at Target than spend time figuring how to maybe get them for free.

But if I were home with my kids and had a block of time in my day to figure these things out, it might work.

Julie said...

I, too, can't figure out the CVS system. And I find their regular prices are so ridiculous, I am better off buying things on sale at Shoprite or Target.

Paying Parent said...

CVS buys- shampoo, toothpaste, toiletpaper, paper towels, cleaning supplies
Costco- toilet paper and tissues, produce, paper goods, oil, flour (my custco sells 4 10 lb bags for $8), aquafor ointment, Tasters choice coffee, challah rolls and hamburger buns.