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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lakewood Scoop: You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

Hat Tip: A reader who writes "now I've seen it all".

[Advertorial] Question: Are you sitting in Kollel wondering how you are going to be paying your monthly bills? Are you working 9 to 5 without covering your monthly bills, or do you cover your monthly bills but do not to have any accumulated savings? Are you tired of having to work month after month only to have to pay the same bills and do the same work over and over? Is the economy putting you under stress?

Well here is the answer for you,

Hi, my name is Yaakov Rottenberg, and I’ve been in this exact situation before and B’H by joining this business my situation has changed completely. This has been very successful for me and all my associates.

I’m talking about a billion dollar company available in other states that has just opened in New Jersey giving anyone with a vision the opportunity to earn UNLIMITED income based on what they put into it.

“You see, when you work you get paid for the work you produce but, you need to keep on producing the work to get paid”.

Imagine if you can work once diligently and then off that make residual month to month income for the rest of your life.



With this opportunity you can do exactly all this and hopefully achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I’m not only talking about being able to get all the extras in life (although that’s also nice), we are talking about simply having an income that will pay your monthly bills month after month after month for the rest of your life.

The company was founded in 2006 & has quickly risen to one of the fastest growing companies in the US and one of the top fortune 500 companies.

This is the perfect business for anyone, whether you already have a business going, or whether you are sitting in kollel, whether you are old, young, single or married.

In this business you can work on your own schedule, with your own hours, at your own convenience and at your own pace.

Here are some quotes from other associates of mine. . . . . . . .

Lakewood Scoop, where is your yashrut or is (your) money all that matters? The man doesn't even NAME his company, but promises lifetime income served up on a silver platter. Be prepared to al chet for placing a stumbling block before the blind. Surely you can recognize the scam pattern!?! You were only just alerting the public to a scam 4 months ago and now you are hosting a shameless plug for an unnamed company? The klal's money, time, and energy is not hefker. You and I know full well that those who believe don't have what to risk (and these "opportunities" require "investment").

You should take this advertisement down immediately! This is shameful and desperate. Time to get back to the Torah basics and time to care about other people's money (or lack thereof).

A few signs an "opportunity" will leave you holding the bag:

*You must to pay to play.
*To get $paid$ you need to bring people into the business. (Stable, successful businesses do not seek to grow indiscriminately and indefinitely, they target markets, create niches, have HR departments that select who they want representing their company and product).
*Code words: "Financial Freedom" "Opportunity" "Change you life" "Unlimited" (markets are always limited), , "perfect business for anyone" (in real marketplace companies don't want just "anyone" representing their business), "work your own schedule", "dreams" $$$
*The defenders are like men on a mission (you sense that religious vibe).

Here is the comment I left at TLS (not sure if it will get published):

How low can you go to post an advertisement for a company whose name is not even published only 4 months after you alerted your readership to The Harvest America bankruptcy? That "opportunity" like this "opportunity" share the same patterns and the same religious zealousness on the part of the defenders. The world is promised and little can be delivered because the model simply doesn't work. Stable, successful businesses to not seek to expand indiscriminately and indefinitely. They are not "perfect for anyone." They have officers, managers, owners who spend tremendous resources ensuring their company is staffed efficiently, not staffed by just anyone. They know markets are limited and they seek to target markets and create niche markets. These companies don't want everyone and anyone selling the same product. Quite the opposite in fact.

This is a stumbling block in front of the blind. In the spirit of Rosh Hashana (guarantees on parnassa!? I think not!), it would behoove you to remove this ad.


Anonymous said...

If they wanted to help lakewood they would have collected the money for the ad, and never put it up.

I doubt scams like those are willing to work the legal system to retrieve their money.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Well I can personally attest that the former Nigerian minister of state who sent me a fax several months ago because he needed a safe place to stash his millions was very generous when I gave him the personal banking information he needed. I suggest trying him out next time.


AztecQueen2000 said...

I thought this sort of theft was why G-d sent the Flood?

JS said...

"Imagine if you can work once diligently and then off that make residual month to month income for the rest of your life."

Surely what they mean is working really hard, earning an honest day's wages, investing the after-tax dollars, and living off of the dividend income the investment produces.

Sounds totally legit to me.

aaron from L.A. said...

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I'm not Jay Wagner said...

Imagine that another scam in the frum community how about that? After reading this I realize it isn't just about expired, over priced kosher food & tuition. Now I have to be on the look out for scams within my own community. I guess that's the reason my wife & I decided that we're done with the frum lifestyle way too much crap. Good luck to those of you who stay on.

Mr. Cohen said...

Rabbi Avigdor Miller (of blessed memory) referred to Amway [a well-known MLM, or multi-level-marketing company] as a “waste of time.”

Tzeitel said...

This scam sounds like Amway or one similar. When my sister was younger, she and her husband were recruited into the cult of Amway, and spent valuable years and scarce money on inspiring conventions, pep talks, pressuring family to join Amway as their downline.... It's not only a waste of time. Amway and its progenitors is a large scale theft of human spirit and human effort.

Shoshana Z. said...

How about gambling as an even better alternative?

JS said...

"Rabbi Avigdor Miller (of blessed memory) referred to Amway [a well-known MLM, or multi-level-marketing company] as a 'waste of time.'"

I truly mean no disrespect to you, Mr. Cohen, or to Rabbi Miller, but for the life of me I can't understand those individuals who live their lives according to rabbinical approbations or condemnations. Where do they link these rabbis are getting their sage advice? Straight from Hashem?

My doctor told me to take this medicine, but I'm waiting to hear back from my rabbi if it's a good idea.

My financial advisor recommended I max out my 401(k), but I should call my rabbi first.

My bladder is sending a signal to my brain that it is full and I should go to the bathroom, but...

Anonymous said...

Buyer beware, as always.

Mark said...

Maybe these are the kinds of things that happen when you learn only Gemara (and little to nothing about other parts of the real world).

Shabbat Shalom.

Litvak said...

We miss Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum z"l, who passed away a few years ago.

Among the many valuable things that he did was crusade against various scams like this in the frum community.

Shanah tovah to all the fine people here working to keep yashrus in Yiddishkeit.

Orthonomics said...

Shana Tova Litvak. Please keep reading. We will win this fight for sensibility and yashrut even if the battle is an uphill one.

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