Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hate Mail II

There is nothing more to be said, but after other wise bloggers posted their comments, I have decided to delete all vicious and inappropriate comments. Comments that are discussing and do nothing to add to the discussion will not be tolerated.

This blog exists for the purpose of discussing and examining the economic and auxiliary issues in the Orthodox community. These are issues that are closer to our hearts and pocketbooks, and I am looking to create a positive and open forum for interested readers to discuss (key word) these issues. It is not a place for ungrown men, who are incapable of having discussions, to spew their sinat chinam. There is plenty of room for disagreeing on this blog and I welcome new perspectives, insights, and ideas. But, if you cannot have a discussion about issues, I'm sure there are plenty of blogs and websites for you to visit. But, this blog is not one of them!

Thanks to my readers for their invaluable advice.


Jewboy said...

I would have been interested to see the comments. Were they directed at you or just random, disgusting thoughts? I will say that if you're getting hate mail, that usually means you're doing something right, i.e. getting out the truth that some people can't take.

Orthonomics said...

The comments were only directed at me and they were quite vicious.

I have definitely concluded that hate mail is a sign of success. If discussing these issues makes you a terrible and worthless person, I'll take it as a complement.

Selena said...

I'm glad you decided to delete it. It was disgusting. It made me really sad to think that someone would write such a thing, especially someone who claims to be frum.

Selena said...

Oh, and welcome back. I really missed reading your articles.

Esther said...

I'm also so glad that you're back -- I'm also going to get back to blogging more too. (And "outoftown" - just saw your blog too!) My dad heard me telling my husband about what happened on your blog and he couldn't comprehend that someone would bother to write idiotic things that just make themselves look stupid, instead of presenting their views in an intelligent way so that people might actually consider their ideas.