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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hate Mail Upon my Return

Hello readers and friends! I'm back after a long and extended Pesach break. I wouldn't actually call some of Pesach a break, since I actually ended up having to do some unplanned, last minute, emergency work during chol ha'moed. But, I did take a break from blogging, commenting, and even reading.

Upon my return, I see that I have a new commenter (anonymous) who has left me a few hateful comments in the comments section on a number of topics. The comments are some of the most vicious and disgusting comments I've ever seen on a blog. But, since these comments are directed at me and not any of the other commentators, I'm leaving them up since it demonstrates the severe lack of character that was being addressed.

A question for fellow bloggers: Is hate mail like this common? And, what do you do when you receive such comments? Since I set up this blog as a place to have serious conversations, I don't believe that I will allow such commentary to continue in the future. But, in the meantime, I am not erasing these comments.

After Pesach I have plenty to blog about. So, please come back by to visit!


almost_frei said...

i love your blog, and the thought your write.

Just delete anything you find offensive. Its your blog and dont give them the satisfaction of even discussing it. Delete and ignore like a dirty diper. It is something all blogger ahve to deal with, but no need to discuss..

You are way above it. Erase the one that is there now. You do not need to prove to anyone how 'you can take it'. You dont have to take it, and for the sake of your readers, it should not be there.

Best wishes, and welcome back.

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. said...

Sephardilady, you have a great blog and there's no reason to let people pollute it with random meaningless filth! Like you, I started my blog fairly recently and I too got my share of nasty comments. My approach: delete mercilessly.

BrooklynWolf said...

Wow! I've never received hate mail like that, and I think that my blog (however poorly I maintain it) is more controversial than yours.

In any event, I agree with the others who have posted so far - delete it and forget it. You do a great job and maintain a very interesting blog.

Ezzie said...

Woah. That's worse than anything I got... and I got quite a bit for one article.

I think I kept most of mine up as well. In general, delete mercilessly is the right approach. If you have a good SiteMeter, track the ISPs of such commenters. If it keeps happening, report it.

SephardiLady said...

Thanks for the great advice guys. I erased three comments from the anon poster that were absolutely vicious.

I feel a lot better now that that is done and am looking forward to continuing with more topics that everyone will hopefully be interested in.

jdub said...

delete, delete, and then delete. You have one of the more thoughtful and thought-provoking blogs. why it would generate hate mail is beyond me.

Jewboy said...

Just another thought on this. These commentors are spineless cowards for posting anonymously. Don't tkae what they say seriously, people liek this are simply gutless.

Jewboy said...

Sorry for the bad spelling in my previous post.

Charlie Hall said...

I had some nasty comments on my blog as of my return from Pesach; I haven't done anything about them so far.