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Monday, May 26, 2008

Humor: Let's Hope this Good Habit Sticks Around

So tonight over dinner, our 4 year old announces he is saving up for a house. I suggested that maybe he set his sights on a condo as a first stop informing him that sometimes you have to start small and trade up and I reminded him our current home wasn't the first stop. He countered that he would much rather a house because "it's better," and he is saving 'a lot' of money. I smiled and told him it is great he is getting a head start and he should keep up the hard work. Now if only everyone could learn and/or retain this lesson! Here is hoping this kid does.

Signing off for now. Expect some new posts in the upcoming week.


Lion of Zion said...

"I suggested that maybe he set his sights on a condo as a first stop"

do you know how much tiny condos go for in flatbush?

ProfK said...

Nice to know that the apple isn't falling too far from the tree. Also nice to know, for parents, that sometimes their kids are actually listening to what they say and watching what they do.

twinsmommy said...

what's a lot? 10 cents as opposed to 5?? I mean, how much allowance is he getting? *lol*.

oh, so cute... and I can totally picture him saying it.

anonymous mom said...

I don't often have these so excuse me for sharing. We were in a store with discount-priced toys and stuff yesterday. This was Afikoman present time and tooth-falling-out time. I gave them a budget and sent them off while I shopped for things that I wanted for the family (small store). Guess what? We get to the register and they had stayed underbudget. In the entire store, they came up with 4 things! After we exchanged the toy water soaker machine gun for something else (no guns in our house), they were entirely happy. We all left in a good mood, mine was one of incredulity and happiness.

Ariella said...

That is a very long term goal for a little boy. I have taken out books money for children. They do encourage saving for both short term (like what would cost less than your monthly allowance, like a book or some accessory) and long term goals, but nothing as big as a house.

SephardiLady said...

Lion-I hope he will NOT be trying to buy a tiny condo in Flatbush! If he gets any bright ideas to buy in NY we will know it is time to go back to the drawing board. . .or perhaps I will let him read parts of my blog (when he can read that is).

TwinsMommy-No allowance yet. But, he has picked up quite a few pennies off the ground. Since I have to go to the bank to make deposits for different ventures he is used to the procedure and, I kid you not, at 2 years old this kid would deposit the coins he found on the ground. I'm not sure he knows that you can take money out of the bank in the form of cash.

Anon Mom-Thanks for sharing!!!

Ariella--We did chat for 3 years about buying a house and our progress vis a vis saving up enough to feel comfortable taking on a larger mortgage. This kid has probably been in something like 50 open houses and really was thrilled when we finally bought a nice house with some great features. :)

anonymous mom said...

Newsflash, file this tidbit under "parenting tip." It is completely unrelated to this post, but I respect your readership and thought I would share it. We stumbled on while trying to get info on the new Indiana Jones movie. We aren't really movie people and our 10 year old has never been to a theater, but for nostalgia sake, my husband wanted to take him to this one. We found this site to be a G-dsend for Orthodox parents. It is probably geared to religious Christians, but it isn't obvious from what we saw. It lists every possible reference in a given movie almost scene by scene in the following three areas: sex and nudity, violence and gore and profanity. It will even list a character's skirt length. We were floored and grateful. Just thought someone out there would want to know.

Anonymous said...

that is great! Some of mine are savers as well, They would rather save for something large, than a bunch of little stuff ( the younger ones haven't learned this yet though).