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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Hat Tip: Ariella

I was surprised to find out my comments to the editor of the 5 Towns Jewish Times regarding teen drinking were published, along with the letters of two other readers/commentors of this blog. I'm glad to see that the message was taken seriously enough to be put into a letter to the editor format. Thank you to the 5TJT.

Hat Tip: Rechovot

Commentors on the Orthonomics blog, as well as the blog of RenReb got a sidebar feature, in the World Jewish News publication (I hadn't heard of it until I as told we got a mention). The article published is called "Breaking the Bank" about the high cost of Jewish living. The side bar is titled "Don't Pass the Blame." Guest Poster qsman was quoted. I'm hoping he will consider a second guest post.


Gil Student said...

There's no copyright notice on this blog so your posts can be published without your approval!

ProfK said...

Once a letter has been sent to a Letters to the Editor forum, regardless of whether in print or online, the owner can print the letter without further permission--that permission is tacit in the sending of the letter. The copyright issue would apply only to items posted on SL's blog.

Does this make us famous? Does it mean we can cut ahead of the line in the grocery store on Fridays?

jewinmyheart said...

Another Jew dead!

Why do these stories keep getting swept under the rug? The frum community has a substance abuse problem. Wake up and address it!

Or is everyone waiting until it happens to MY child?

SephardiLady said...

Gil-How do I add a copyright notice? Believe me, I am happy the letter was published and I referred to my blog in the 5tjt comments section.

ProfK-Fortunately I don't shop on Fridays, although there are exceptions. Good Shabbos.

Jewinmyheart-I appreciate the link. My readers are my eyes and ears. Thanks.

qsman said...

I've been posting other comments but always forget to type in the code :(

Yes, I've planning as promised about a followup post now that the season is almost over

Greengart blames synagogue dues, high kosher food costs as well as the "very real phenomenon of 'keeping up with the Schwartzes'" for the financial stress among his circle of Orthodox friends. But the main expenses, he says, are housing and tuition. He likens the experience of paying for tuition to "purchasing a new Porsche on a yearly basis with cash. Then, at the end of each year, you drive it off a pier before heading into the dealer to buy a new one. From a financial perspective, this system seems unsustainable to me," he says

That's nice. "real phenomenon"? Get some spine, buster!

Drive a Porsche off a pier???? I guess the education your kids are getting is WORTHLESS IN YOUR EYES?????? *shakes head*

qsman said...

The WJN also ledt out a crucial sentence:

. I am rather appalled to read in various blogs about the alleged abusive treatment that parents suffer when dealing with the "committees." While we go to great lengths to treat each parent with dignity, it is understandable that it's a very high stress situation and parents may not always like the answer that is given. I think people feel that tuition reduction is an ENTITLEMENT as opposed to something they need to qualify for.

SephardiLady said...

qsman-I was saddened that you were not quoted in context. Nothing I can do about it, unfortunately because I had never heard of the publication until Orthonomics was published.

I also thought the introduction to both blogs about passing the blame was a bit skewed. Although I address personal responsibility on this blog a lot, I have time and time again acknowledged the white elephant in the room.

Watch for some upcoming posts I know you will be interested in following tisha b'av.

Ezzie said...

I thought the reprinting brought up a better Q - what do people think of publications posting anonymous letters in general? Are established bloggers a better source (I think slightly, personally)?

I think it's great that they actually printed presumably unsubmitted letters that they felt spoke well about the issues at hand; on the other hand, anonymous letters can set a bad precedent - not all are in this type of vain.

Curious what you think...

I think you can put a copyright into the template.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know where else to post this, but since we are on the subject of drunk driving...there was a teenage drunk-driving tragedy in Baltimore this last erev Shabbos.

Last Friday morning a drunk 17-yr old and 2 of his presumably also drunk friends "borrowed" his parents' car in the wee hours. They got into a serious accident-- the injured boys had to be literally *cut out* of the car, and one of the 2 injured boys did not survive. The levaya was Tisha B'Av afternoon. I can't think of a more poignant time for a levaya for a 17-yr old than the afternoon of 9 Av.