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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Well, That is One Way to Solve the Problem

I've written far too much about non-payment of wages (it would be nice for this trend to be appropriately buried), but I can't help but revisit the subject after reading this somewhat humorous news story. Apparently, a 15 year old Jerusalem teen got fed up after not being paid for her services and kidnapped the 6 year old boy from the Nanny. She has been detained for questioning. Perhaps she was familiar with the concept of a "mechanic's lien." But a child is not a car.

I would not try this at home. The non-paying parents might tell you to keep him, lol.


me said...

The "babysitter abductor" was a girl. (In the Hebrew news reports; and also, if you read carefully, in the article you linked to).

SephardiLady said...

Thanks for the correction.

Ariella said...

I can understand the frustration of not being paid, as I am always outraged by Jews who consider themselves Torah-true blithely ignoring their debts to me and then after nearly a year having the gall to demand that the balance be written off as it has been so long. It reminds me of the man who killed his parents and demanded clemency as an orphan. But kidnapping is never ok, no matter the motivation, and is certainly a cardinal sin for both Jews and nonJews. (some explain that Shchem ben Chamor deserved death because he had kidnapped Dina.)