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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Organizations Assist in Getting People on Their Own Two Feet?

A reader asks: "What tzedaka's would you recommend for people who want to help receipients become independent?"

I am aware of Paanomin, as is my reader, and Mesila. If readers are familiar with other organizations that look for long term fixes, both here and in the US of A, please share.



Anonymous said...

Lancaster Yeshiva Center ( is a good trade school and part time learning program.

this is a great thread, I look forward to seeing the list of organizations that expand the pie and are mekayim the Rambam's 8th and highest level of tzedaka

Lion of Zion said...

i'm personally intersted in worthwhle charities from 2 perspectives:
1) perform an important function
2) are fiscally responsible

does anyone know if paamonim and mesila qualify #2?

Avi said...

Project Ezra has a good reputation in this regard, providing help with budgeting and career counseling in addition to handouts when needed.

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Lion of Zion said...

women seeking men:

did you file a 990 that i can look at?

Anonymous said...

Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA) is a loan gemach which only provides loans to individuals and small businesses who have the wherewithal to repay the loan. They make small business loans, as well as hardship loans (i.e. medical) with the intention of stable and short term repayment.


Anonymous said...

Lmaan Achai in RBS.
Joel Rich

Lion of Zion said...

nu, anything in america to donate to? specifically something with a 990 or other way to verify funds are used at least somewhat judiciously?
also, does israel some version of a 990?

Anonymous said...

Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society -- they pay insurance premiums for cancer patients and cancer survivors, to avoid the potentially limitless payments for treatment should a family chas v'shalom not have insurance.

Eli said...

@Lion of Zion
I think someone already mentioned Project Ezrah in Bergen County. I googled to find their 990:

Lion of Zion said...


thank you for providing a 990 link


rofeh cholim sounds important

Anonymous said...

Mishpacha magazine issue 285 had an article about the EPI - Emergency Parnassa Initiative. Go to to see if you can read the article online.

EPI has three main branches: 1) to provide some financial relief to families in need through a matching funds dept. 2) networking - a team of ten professional headhunters help people find jobs 3) they lend up to $25,000 in funds for qualified borrowers who want to start their own business