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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tasteless Absolutely Revolting

Who in the world decided to place the footage of the massive, deadly, and destructive tsunami in Japan into a video in support of the 2 bochurim currently imprisoned in Japan with the lyrics (no less!) "the mercy, the beauty, the kindness of a Jew?" Inserting such footage is so completely devoid of all of the above.

A new low.

Is these a way to protest this?


Ezzie said...

Seriously. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised it took this long...

Frayda said...

What do you expect? These are people with very narrowminded views of the world.

Anonymous said...

frayda, dont generalize.
i'm haredi and i'm disgusted by this as everyone else.
in fact, i believe that most haredim disapprove of this, except for members of certain sects (which are too naive to realize what's wrong with it).

Miami Al said...

On the positive side, I thought that the production quality of both the video and the audio production were impressive.

It is such a shame that these talents are being devoted to the cause of immorality and dragging our shared religious heritage into the gutter.

Next time people attack Farrakan for calling Judaism a gutter religion, it's going to be hard not to think of actions like this.

The comments on there made me nauseous.

Orthonomics said...

I've written to VIN news a letter expressing my thoughts and asking them to exercise some decency and pull this video and all the comments.

Miami Al said...

Question for your readers:

Please explain the difference between Jews releasing a video, cheering on the drug smugglers, or otherwise celebrating their crime.


Islamist Terrorists being released and returned to a heroes welcome.

If these drug smugglers were released, would they get a heroes welcome?

Anonymous said...

I will NOT buy any music from these artists or produces unless they pull this outrageous video.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:17: I really hope what you say is the case.

Anonymous said...

Miami Al,
Your comparison is dishonest, offensive and reeks of sinat chinam.

1) These chasidishe kids were duped by a crook into carrying suitcases to Japan, unaware that there were drugs hidden. Unfortunately, they are so sheltered and naive that they didn't suspect the request.

2) No one is celebrating them as heroes. People are just asking the Japanese government to understand the background of this case and give them a punishment that is commensurate to their transgression (locking them up for years in an extremely harsh environment for a first-time unintentional offense doesn't seem appropriate, they say).

3)Islamic terrorists, whether brainwashed or not, are well aware of the death and suffering that they INTENTIONALLY cause, and they and their relatives celebrate that as an accomplishment.

How can you even compare?????

Yes, I believe this video should not have been done, and they should plead their case directly with the authorities in Japan, not by making videos and posting it online, but the level of pure hatred and despisement that exists among some people in our MO communities towards haredim is just astounding.

No wonder the beit hamikdash has not been rebuilt...

YaelAldrich said...

Miami Al,

The young men knew they were taking antiques to Japan without paying taxes -- definitely illegal. They did not know they were instead taking ecstasy -- REALLY illegal. The Japanese polygraph experts agree that they did not know about the drugs, but Japanese law system doesn't see it that way. They were mules, pure and simple. Are mules culpable for the crime they are being charged?

No one I know is celebrating drug smuggling or cheering them on. The community is asked to pray for them and if one wants to donate to the defense fund. There have been constant struggles to get kosher food, matzos, books, tefillin and the like to them since day one. Thanks to Rabbi Edery of Chabad and the hard working team of Rabbis and askanim, they have those now. They did not agree to this song being created nor distributed. In fact, they have been trying to stop this since they found out about the deception began...

Anonymous said...

The frum community seems to be rallying behind the fact that the kids were from "sheltered" lives, that they were "naive", and that they are from an "isolated" community without outside contact. We seem to be using this as an explanation for the boy's innocence.

Ignoring, for the moment, the argument above, I'm concerned that we are not using this unfortunate incident as a wake-up call to become move involved in the world around us, more educated, and more socially sophisticated with the rest of society.


Bob Miller said...

I caution everyone that Rabbi Edery's Chabad in Japan (it's not the only Chabad there) is openly Meshichist.

See this:

Here is an excerpt from the above web page:

"Over 50 years ago, when the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach, became the 7th Rebbe, in the Lubavitcher Rebbes dynasty, he emphasized that our generation is” the last generation of exile and the first generation of the Redemption”. The purpose of our generation is to prepare the world for the imminent coming of Moshiach. The Rebbe cares and is concerned about every human being. That is why the Rebbe sent his emissaries, to the farthest reaching corners of the world."

JS said...

The linking of the tragedy in Japan to the incarceration of 2 yeshiva students who were drug mules is simply disgusting. I don't know what the people who made this song/video could have been thinking. I don't understand how people can celebrate the deaths and injuries of thousands of innocent people as some kind of divine retribution. At best it's a twisted sense of smugness. At worst it's a twisted haughtiness stemming from a believe that one understands the Divine Will.

I have no idea if these yeshiva students had innocent intentions or not. I'd like to believe that is the case. Even if they had ill intentions, they deserve to be treated humanely. However, what bothers me is that they have become a cause celebre, much like the murderer who was executed that everyone rallied behind merely because he happened to be Jewish. There are so many problems in klal and so many terrible injustices that I just can't understand why we choose to focus on cases like these. At the very, very least, shouldn't we show equal care and attention to all Jewish prisoners? This is what truly bothers me the most.

Anonymous said...

What about Gilad Shalit?

Anonymous said...

@Miami Al: WTH is an "Islamist"? I've been seeing that word a lot in right wing drivel newspapers. From what I can tell it is a contraction of "Islamic" and "Extremist" but when did that become a legitimate word? It probably comes from talk radio demagogues. The word is "Muslim". Next up I expect to start seeing "Jewist" used instead of "Haredi".

I know many RW yeshiva folks who truly believe that the tsunami was a direct response from G-d to the "cruelty" of the Japanese legal system (only as pertains to the Jewish boys). I join the rest of you in finding this bizarre. Japan is not discriminating against these boys- they are simply applying their brand of justice to the crime, just as they would do to any other offender. I am as sorry as anyone for the plight of these boys who have to suffer for their naivete.

@YaelAldrich - I agree that they were used as mules. But what if the judicial system made allowances for such situations? Don't you see that drug smugglers would then easily take advantage of the lax treatment mules are given? Do you really want drug smugglers to start employing Down's syndrome children for their work? If they set a precedent, the country is opening themselves up to a future of letting drug smugglers go unpunished.

I hope we can do all in our power to alleviate the suffering and deprivation of those boys, but I am not sure we should be trying to get them acquitted.

JS said...

Do the Yiddish lyrics hint at the earthquake or tsunami? Or is it just the footage towards the end that implies a connection between the incarceration and the tragedy?

Anon 12:24, good question. I know in my shul we say mishebayrach's every Shabbos for Gilad and I know other shuls which include tehilim as well. I wonder if this is done in all Orthodox shuls though.

Miami Al said...


"@Miami Al: WTH is an "Islamist"? I've been seeing that word a lot in right wing drivel newspapers. From what I can tell it is a contraction of "Islamic" and "Extremist" but when did that become a legitimate word? It probably comes from talk radio demagogues. The word is "Muslim". Next up I expect to start seeing "Jewist" used instead of "Haredi"."

Islam - Religion
Muslim - Practicioner of Islam
Islamist - Supporter of Political Islam

Using "Muslim" as the term for a specific ideology is actually as disingenuous as talking about the rock throwing Haredim as "Jews" instead of specifically who they are.

MBM said...

I have a question...

If a kid of yours were to tell you that they'd been given a plane ticket to Japan, what would be your response?

"Wonderful...remember to send me a postcard!"

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with trying to help these boys, but making them into heros. As for the pictures of the tsunami devastation in the video, it made my stomach turn. I must admit that it did make me want to donate . . . . to the innocent victims of natural disasters in Japan and Haiti.

Anonymous said...

This never should have been called "The Japan Song," particularly given the recent events in Japan. Maybe it should have been called "The Bochurim Song" or "The Excessive Sentencing Song."

Yael Aldrich said...

@Bob, yes they are openly Meshichist. What does that have to with this? Do you know them personally? I do, and I disagree with their belief of the Rebbe and they know it, but as people, they are better and more giving to everyone, Jew or non-Jew, than 99.9% of the people I know.

The Edery's give of their money and time to visit people all over Japan, help anyone (Jew/non-Jew) in need. Their home is a warm and welcoming home for the downtrodden.

In fact, Rabbi Edery has been in Sendai helping the Japanese refugees since after the first Shabbos after the earthquake. My husband and I begged them to evacuate, they said no, they have a duty to help the survivors.

Thanks for letting everyone know about the Ederys!

Anonymous said...

revolting;everyone knows the real reason for the Tsunami is the fact that sumo wrestlers wear shatnez.

Yael Aldrich said...

@Anonymous, if drug dealers start using people with disabilities, should those people be put in jail?

The polygraph administrators asked if they knew what drugs were, the bochurim replied that is the stuff you take when you don't feel well. The machine recorded their response as truthful!

Anonymous said...

did anyone notice the usage of the ground zero in Hiroshima several times? Of course, Nagasaki and Hiroshima happened because of the boys too!

Bob Miller said...

I'm sure the Edery's do many charitable things, but advocating what amounts to a new religion goes way over any imaginable line.

Yael Aldrich said...

@Bob, once again what does that have to do with the case at hand?

Bob Miller said...

Yael, I would not want any Jewish travelers to Japan to assume, based on your oroginal comment, that the Edery's run a really Jewish organization.

Bob Miller said...

s/b "original" above

Orthonomics said...

Clearly I have stepped away from my blog. Can everyone please write to the websites that have posted this and protest.

I have written to VIN and received a response, but the video is still up as of current.

If you put Japan Tsunami and Prison into Google VIN shows up as result #7. That is scary.

I have information that this Japan Song website is not related to the original pidyon fund. That too is extremely problematic by itself. More so as the video makes light of human suffering. (No JS, the lyrics don't allude to the tsunami).

JS said...


Yeah, I just confirmed that with my resident Yiddish expert. It's a real shame since it would seem that the connection was made by whomever put together the video. I have no idea if anyone else associated with the song or this fundraising effort believes this connection is appropriate or is even aware the connection was made. That seems to me to be a form of dishonesty assuming parties are unaware or disagree with the connection and can lead to people having negative feelings towards people involved who may be entirely innocent.

As always with these fundraising efforts, no one ever knows where the money is going, who it is benefiting, or how much is really going to whatever the cause is.

Is this a legal defense fund? A fund to buy the students kosher food? Money so the parents can visit their kids? Who knows.

Anonymous said...


"I'm sure the Edery's do many charitable things, but advocating what amounts to a new religion goes way over any imaginable line."

Did you ask a Rav if you could speak lashon hara about the Edery's or did you poskin that one for yourself?

Sick of bad Jewish behavior said...

If you do the crime you do the time right Mr. Rubashkin? per

Chavi Beck said...

I signed up a while ago to get email updates on the boys' trial. The askanim sent the following email on 3/4:

Subject: Fraudulent use of the jailed Bochurim in Japan to fund the production of an audio-visual production

Good Morning,

Thank you for all your efforts to assist us in raising awareness of the plight of the two bochurim still in Jail in Japan, striiting klal Yisroel to daven for them, and rallying the public to help cover the expenses of their legal defense.

Please be aware that you may be approached to post something regarding a CD being released and a website ( being created “supposedly” in aid of the jailed bochurim’s defense.

Please be aware that currently this is NOT ENDORSED by ANY of the Rabanim OR Askonim leading the case.

Please DO NOT POST ANYTHING about this in the meantime!

Besides the gneivas daas hatzibur involved, this audio-visual production poses a significant threat to the poor bochurim.

Cameras are strictly forbidden in the detention centre. Photographs & video coverage of the bochurim have been put into the public domain on

This is highly irresponsible.

Two of the lawyers can also be seen on their trailer.

The lawyers and ourselves are petrified that all visits to the boys will be immediately suspended, and that the defense attorneys will be reprimanded, and G-d forbid perhaps even compelled to leave the case.

We are at a critical phase.

Closing arguments for both boys is in 3-4 weeks from now.

In summary:

1. The existence and publicity of this website / vide can harm the entire case in seconds!

2. The donation information on this website has absolutely NOTHING to do with the defense efforts to rescue the bochurim.

3. No Rov or Askan has endorsed this project at the time of this writing.

Please confirm your understand the gravity of this scandal.

We appreciate your continued cooperation.

Thank you, Gut Shabbos.

Bob Miller said...

Anonymous (March 31, 2011 5:12 PM)

Have you carefully read the Sefer Chafetz Chaim?