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Sunday, September 24, 2006

What was your Rosh Hashanah Sanity Saver?

Surprisingly enough, my absolutely necessary preparations for Shabbat and Yom Tov were completed by noontime. So, I was able to run my last load in the dishwasher and clear it out to store dirty dishes during the Yom Tov. We have a smallish kitchen that just doesn't seem to have enough countertop space and I hate watching the dishes pile up.* Since I was able to hide almost everything in the dishwasher or the oven, I was able to relax when I walked in the kitchen, which led to more enjoyment of the chag.

So, early preparation and an empty dishwasher turned out to be my sanity saver.

And, the extra bonus: while there is no more meat or fish left in our home. There are plenty of other leftovers. So, cooking will not be big on this week's "to do" list.

Hope everyone had a great Yom Tov. What was your sanity saver?

*Yes, I know I can wash dishes on yom tov. But, the grease backs the sink up and it isn't a pleasant experience. It is much easier to just run a few loads in the dishwasher later.


Neil Harris said...

Glad you had a great Yom Tov! Our sanity save was the fact the my wife had made tons of food before hand and we pulled it out of the freezer as needed. That added to my hashkama minynan (7:30-11:30) allowed me to watch the kids so my wife could daven mussaf and hear Shofar.

mother in israel said...

Closing my eyes to the expense and having three hours of cleaning help on Thursday morning.

Sarah Likes Green said...

we also had most things done early too!
it's becasue we each cooked one part of the meal that we didn't have to panic. rather nice :) (and now we have stacks of leftovers)

glad you had a nice chag!

greg said...
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Anonymous said...

Gosh, your kitchen sounds a lot like mine! Sanity saver, hmmmm. Maybe it was spreading the cooking out over a few nights, instead of my typical FT working mom Thurs. night rush. However, I still have a lot to do for Succos, because as Jewish women, aren't we always sure there won't be enough to eat, no matter how much we make?
Wishing you a Chag Samaech!